Go ahead, video chat with the whole team. In fact, invite everyone you know. The Video Conference is a fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free and fully integrated with Weconex . Powered by Jitsi.


Simple to Use

No downloads required. Weconex Meet works directly within your browser. Simply share your conference URL with others to get started.

Low Bandwidth

Multi-party video conferences work with as little as 128Kbps. Screen-sharing and audio-only conferences are possible with far less.

Unlimited Users

There are no artificial restrictions on the number of users or conference participants. Server power and bandwidth are the only limiting factors.

Screen Sharing

It’s easy to share your screen with others. Weconex Meet is ideal for on-line presentations, lectures, and tech support sessions.

Secure Rooms

Need some privacy? Weconex Meet conference rooms can be secured with a password in order to exclude unwanted guests and prevent interruptions.

Shared Notes

Weconex Meet features Etherpad, a real-time collaborative text editor that’s great for meeting minutes, writing articles, and more.

Usage Statistics

Learn about your users through easy integration with Piwik, Google Analytics, and other usage monitoring and statistics systems.

Open Source

Weconex Meet is based in Jitsi Meet that is licensed under the Apache License. You are free to download, use, modify, and share it as per this license.

All this information was obtained from the Jitsi website. Weconex Meet is based on Jitsi Meet. Thanks to the team of Jitsi for such a great contribution to the community.
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